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Viscous Crankshaft Dampers

Viscous Crankshaft Dampers,Repair and overhaul.

Techno Solutions are able to offer repair and complete overhaul of Viscous type crankshaft dampers of all major manufacturers: Holset, S.T.E., Hasse & Wrede,etc. Viscous Crankshaft Dampers, provided by the engine manufacturer, are generally bolted to the front of the crankshaft and or camshaft and provide protection against failure of these components due to tortional vibrations eminating from the dynamic loads produced during the firing cycle. Viscous crankshaft dampers consist of two major components , a hub and outer ring, all within a containment casing. The hub and outer ring are arranged such that there is a small gap between the components.

This gap is filled with a viscous fluid, normally Silicon Oil, Torsional vibrations cause relative movement between the two major components to occur. This in turn causes the viscous oil film within the small gap between the components to shear, damping out the damaging effects of the vibrations. Silicon oil with its property of “long chain polymers” is an ideal damping media. However gradually over time, the shearing action and the heat produced within the crankshaft damper, effects the molecular structure of the fluid, reducing the effectiveness of the damper. It is therefore vitally important the fluid condition be monitored and the crankshaft damper serviced before this process has reached a point where the degraded performance of the damper can no longer protect the, crankshaft, camshaft, or transmission from the risk of catastrophic damage. Techo Solutions can provide oil monitoring as well as a repair and overhaul service for all leading makes of viscous crankshaft dampers. Units Are stripped and surveyed. And where necessary working surfaces are remachined and new bearing inserts fitted to re-establish the original clearances. The unit is then filled under vacuum with silicon fluid of the correct viscosity and volume. Before releasing back to service the fully overhauled unit is pressure tested to ensure it is leak free.

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