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Water Lubricated Bearings

Water Lubricated Bearings

The Directors of the company have over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of Water Lubricated Plain Bearings.

TechnoSolutions are UK agents for : Tenmat Water Lubricated Bearings.
TENMAT FEROFORM Bearings were principally developed for the marine Stern Tube, Rudder, and “A” Bracket Bearings. However such is the versatility of these Water Lubricated bearing materials that applications are found in many industries including Rail Traction, Power Generation, Papermaking, and Water- Treatment.

FEROFORM durability is substantially greater than conventional materials, with excellent abrasion resistance , resilience and elasticity. This tough stable material coupled to its low friction and minimal stick-slip characteristics make it an ideal choice for stern tube applications. At 20% of the weight of bronze metal it’s a lot easier to handle ! Whilst FEROFORM materials are normally run with water lubrication systems, they can be successfully run with conventional oil lubrication, or grease systems. Indeed where the application is suitable they can be run without external lubrication by selecting the appropriate self lubricating grade of FEROFORM.

Using our 30 years of experience of bearing manufacture ,design & Tribology, Techno Solutions are able to advise on all applications. We can where required provide a design service as well as complete manufacture. Please contact us with your requirements — and ideas for new applications!

Conversion of existing White Metal Bearings to FEROFORM Water Lubricated Bearings.

The ability of FEROFORM to be able to run in conventional oil lubrication systems allows for the successful conversion of White Metal bearing applications such as stern tube bearings to FEROFORM. An added advantage is that should the vessel suffer stern seal leakage the bearing will continue operating with sea water for lubrication.

FEROFORM in a wide range of grades is available in tube 20mm to over 1000mm dia. and sheet 3-100mm thick. Techno Solutions are able to supply some sizes from stock. Please enquire.

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