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Turbo Charger Spares

Turbo Charger Spares Including Plain Bearings:

For over 20 years we have been the principle supplier to Bombardier
Transportation with high quality spares suitable for use in the Napier SA084 Turbo Charger as fitted to the Paxman Valenta Engined Class 43 HST 125 High Speed Train. In addition to supporting the spares program for this exceptional Intercity 125 locomotive we have supplied turbo charger spares for Class 56 and 47 power cars. Our expertise extends to a range of rail traction and marine diesel engines including EMD 567,645, 710, Alco 251, GE, and Cooper–Bessemer types,we can supply most EMD,Alco,GE Turbocharger Bearings. 

We can supply from Complete EMD turbo chargers right through to turbine blade sets to suit your requirements.

Our Impellers are manufactured from high density aluminium alloy forgings fully heat- treated to withstand the arduous conditions found in high performance turbo chargers. They are machined on state of the art 5 Axis CNC machines. To ensure their integrity they are subjected to centrifugal testing by spinning them in an explosion proof vacuum chamber at speeds significantly in excess of the operating speed, before final balancing.

For the popular American EMD turbo chargers we can provide complete new turbo chargers, or if you prefer individual parts we are happy to supply cartridge assemblies right through to turbine blade sets. All components fitted meet or exceed OEM standards.

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