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Geislinger Dampers & Couplings - Supply and Overhaul

Geislinger Dampers & Couplings - Supply and Overhaul

Techno Solutions
are approved by Geislinger Gmbh for the overhaul and repair of their couplings and dampers. Geislinger Couplings and Dampers are designed to protect large Diesel Engines and Gas Engines from torsional vibrations produced during the operation of these engines. Without effective protection these torsional vibrations can cause catastrophic failure of major engine components such as the crankshaft and camshafts.

Geislinger Couplings and Dampers are extremely high precision components, and although each have different applications, they have a common design principle. They consist of primary and secondary components between which groups of torsionally elastic leaf spring packs are clamped at their outer ends. These spring packs , together with the primary and secondary components form chambers which are filled with pressurised engine oil. When in service if the exterior component vibrates in relation to the inner one, the leaf springs are bent and force the pressurised oil from one chamber into another, retarding the relative movement of the two parts and thus damping the torsional vibration. Geislinger during the design and production, tune each

Coupling or Damper to its specific engine application. The required elasticity is determined by careful selection of the leaf springs, whilst the Damping Factor is determined by the gap between the primary and secondary sections Geislinger Couplings and Dampers are designed to keep torsional vibrations to a minimum over a very long service life, however to ensure that the original design Damping is maintained, it is essential that the manufacturers service periods are not exceeded Servicing of Geislinger Equipment Techno Solutions are approved by Geislinger to carry out servicing and repair of all Geislinger Couplings and Dampers.

As each Coupling and Damper is specifically tuned they can only remain effective if the oil sludge and other products of combustion are not allowed to build up within the unit. It is essential that these deposits are removed on a regular basis in accordance with the manufactures service schedules.


Servicing Couplings and Dampers

Damper and Coupling Overhaul
Servicing Couplings and Dampers — Geislinger Types

Geislinger Couplings and Dampers are tuned to each application, and will minimise damaging torsional vibrations that could so easily give rise to a catastrophic
crankshaft or camshaft failure. To ensure they give the designed protection
throughout the life of your engine they must be regularly serviced. During the
operation of the engine pressurised engine oil is pumped through the Gieslinger unit to provide the damping. This oil will of course contain carbon particles, and other products of combustion. During the operation of the engine these particles are centrifuged between the leaf springs to form hard sludge deposits. These deposits if not removed during the routine service can seriously compromise the damping characteristics of the unit as well as causing premature wear.

During servicing detailed “Health Checks” are carried out to ensure that the original damping performance will be achieved when returned to service. The results of these detailed checks are kept on file for future performance
monitoring. Standard servicing can be achieved in 3 to 4 days, please contact us for further details.

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