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Diesel Engine Spares

Diesel Engine Spares Including Plain Bearings: 

We have over 20 years experience in the manufacture and supply of high quality aftermarket diesel engine spares including Plain Bearings for the medium and high speed diesel engines use in power generation, marine and rail traction industries all new designed bearings samples are supplied and test in traffic before production batches are run.

During this time we have specialised in diesel engine spares for, MAN B&W, Paxman, Ruston, Mirrlees, EMD, GE, Alco, and Cooper-Bessemer engines , but other types can also be provided.

All parts supplied are fully interchangeable with OEM components and provide 100% conformance to OEM standards. In the case of American Engines we have through our Associates, in close liaison with the end users ,redesigned components to
provide improved performance.

This technique necessitates working as a team with the Railroad companies and
involves in depth analysis of the “mode of failure” of troublesome components with the objective of reducing midlife failures by carefully targeted design changes, coupled to field trials.

This product development technique with the rail companies ,and overhaul shops has been welcomed by them, and in many cases has resulted in improved “in
service” reliability, solving premature component failure problems which the
OEM’s were often reluctant to admit to as a design issue.

  • Marine
  • Diesel Engine Spares Including Plain Bearings
  • Locomotive Marine Engine Spares
  • Man B&W , Ruston, Mirrlees, Paxman, EMD, GE, ALCo
  • Overhaul & Repair Flexible Couplings Vulkan,Renold,David Brown,Twiflex,



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