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Marine Propeller Repair and Servicing

Marine Propeller Repair and Servicing

Techno Solutions are equipped to offer high quality marine propeller repairs and servicing overhauls for both fixed pitch and variable pitch marine propellers. All Propeller repairs are to the major Classification Society’s requirements. Our “in house” facilities can handle marine propellers Repairs from around 400mm to 4500 mm Diameter. In both stainless steel and bronze, Marine Propellers are manufactured in a wide range of Bronzes, for example Nickel aluminium Bronze, Manganese Bronze, Manganese Aluminium Bronze, as well as Phosphor Bronzes. The Approved propeller repair techniques for each type of material vary dramatically ,and it is vital to identify the material from which the propeller was manufactured . Our facilities therefore include a Spectrometer which provides us with an instant material analysis of the marine propeller, to enable us to select the correct repair procedure.

When the marine propeller blades are received they are assessed and measured on specialist equipment, this data is then compared with the known propeller data, and the damage categorised as follows:

  • Missing blade pieces
  • Cracked blades
  • Reduced blade area
  • Reduced blade thickness
  • Cavitation damage
  • Pitch errors

Weld Repairs—Building up Surfaces

To ensure the marine propeller is reinstated to its original design performance it is necessary to
Replace all of the propeller material that has been eroded during service. This entails building up all of the eroded surfaces with weld material of the correct specification using a portable Spectoscope to determine the propeller material specification Surfaces are built up using TIG,MIG, and Gas welding techniques. selected to suit the specific propeller material. Post welding stress relieving and heat- treatment is carried out as necessary ensuring that it is heat-treated to stress relieve the material. Where there are large areas of cavitation are present, this “build up” can be labour intensive, however it is essential to recover the original marine propeller performance, some repairers “grind out” cavitation damage and whilst this may be cosmetically acceptable it results in excessively thin blades that are prone to further impact damage and accelerated cavitation damage. Apart from the obvious shortening of the marine propeller life, such propellers are inefficient in service and give rise to increased noise and fuel consumption.

- Marine Propeller Blade Repairs
- Blade Repairs
- Weld Repair Propellers

Marine Propeller Re-pitching Service

In addition to our propeller repair facility we offer a Re-Pitching Service , to modify your existing or stock replacement marine propeller. Given hull and engine data we can “tune” the propeller pitch to provide optimum performance.

All blades are balanced before final inspection to ensure low levels of vibration in service

High Quality repairs are offered on both Fixed Pitch and Variable Pitch Marine Propeller Blades
24 hour x 7 day working can be arranged as necessary . With the work carried out to all major Classification Societies. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to provide you with a quotation.





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